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  • April Premium Content

    AprilPremium Content

    Eradicating IROPS
    Air Travel
    Travel disruptions – aka ‘irregular operations’ – are costly. But data and mobile technology can ease the pain

    Just Rewards
    Just Rewards
    Playing the hotel loyalty points game can score stronger program compliance and boost traveler satisfaction

    Out of Sight, Out of Mind
    Expense Management
    More than ever, artificial intelligence is taking business travelers out of the expense management equation

    Room for Negotiation
    Industry Interview
    ACTE research shows new hotel sourcing models are gaining traction

    SMM: Meetings’ Secret Sauce
    Meetings and SMM
    Implementing a strategic meetings management program today can be as vexing as ever

    Seeing is Believing
    Data Management
    Visualization tools transform Phat Data into   compelling – and sometimes surprising – stories

    Digital Pathways
    Mobility, blockchain, VR and AI – technologies revolutionizing travel. The EU enacts sweeping data protections.

    When Travel Troubles Strike
    Buyer Think Tank
    Who should take point during travel disruptions? BTE Think Tank members weigh in

  • March Premium Content

    March Premium Content

    New Ways to Pay
    Expense Management
    Technologies like virtual cards and digital wallets are revolutionizing payment platforms, and that’s just the beginning

    Bumper Crop
    Air Travel
    Global route maps are blossoming. Here’s a look at ten intriguing new services connecting the world

    TMCs as Risk Partners
    Travel Management Companies, Duty of Care and Risk Management
    Travel management companies play an important role in Duty of Care – but there’s more to the story

    Phat Data & NDC
    Data Management
    New Distribution Capabilities are hanging the data game for buyers and suppliers alike

    Flying Start
    Travel-related concepts that owe their beginnings to Kickstarter

    Balancing the Risk
    Buyer’s Think Tank
    Managing Duty of Care is important. Don’t overlook opportunities to round out your strategy

  • February Premium Content

    February Premium Content

    Rethinking Relocation
    Changing market demands and new housing options are shifting the playing field for employee mobility

    Recipe for Savings
    Expense Management
    Technology and innovation are making it easier to slim down that most elusive spend category – dining

    Demanding Roles
    Ground Transportation, Lodging
    The sharing economy is raising expectations for business travelers and corporate travel programs

    Paths to Partnership
    Data Management
    Working together with your suppliers is key to building a more successful Phat Data strategy

    Mind the (Generation) Gap
    Digital natives may not be so security savvy

    Travelers Take Center Stage
    Association News
    New ACTE research finds travel managers are taking a more traveler-considerate approach

    Care to Share?
    Buyer's Think Tank
    The demand economy is courting business travelers and in response travel policies are opening up

  • January Premium Content

    January Premium Content

    Clear Channels
    Air Travel 
    When it comes to the ways air travel services are marketed and bought, choice is the name of the game

    Accommodating Change
    After a decade of growth, 2018 will be a year when the hotel industry needs to work to stay above the clouds

    Rethink the World
    Air Travel
    How two new aircraft designs are spearheading a boom in global business travel productivity

    The Year Ahead is Phat!
    Data Management
    ​Get your data strategy ready because more changes – and opportunities – are coming in 2018

    More Q’s than A’s
    Buyers’ Think Tank
    ​New Distribution Capabilities are coming.  But what can travel managers expect from it

    Bots and Lots More
    ​The age of the robots is upon us at airports and hotels all over the world

  • December Premium Content

    December Premium Content

    What the Data?!
    Data Management
    ​The case studies in BTE’s most recent webinar can shine light on your Phat Data strategy

    Limos & More
    Ground Transportation
    ​Black car operators are diversifying their fleets to meet changing markets and changing demands

    Vanishing Plastic
    Corporate Cards and Payment Systems
    ​In a future that’s totally connected, it looks like the traditional corporate card may pull a disappearing act

    Flying the Connected Skies
    Industry Interview and Profile
    ​United Airline’s innovative IT puts travel managers and their travelers in control of the journey

    Top Travel Apps for 2017
    ​Smartphones are changing the ways we travel – the smarter the app, the better the experience. Marriott, Samsung and Legrand create IoT hotel room. Chrome River adds invoice automation. Maldives introduces high-tech IDs. Traxo Filter tool captures off-channel bookings. Groupize adds features, launches sports division.

    Whose App Is It?
    Buyer Think Tank
    ​Picking the right apps for a traveler’s mobile device can be a business decision – or an individual choice


April 21, 2018

Serko Names Tony D’Astolfo

Booking and expense management company hires industry veteran to head North America operations

Names in the News 4-18-18

Appointments and promotions at JetBlue, Marcus Hotels & Resorts, G6 Hospitality LLC, Oman Air, Radisson Hotel Group, Serko Ltd and American Airlines