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  • January Premium Content

    January Premium Content

    Clear Channels
    Air Travel 
    When it comes to the ways air travel services are marketed and bought, choice is the name of the game

    Accommodating Change
    After a decade of growth, 2018 will be a year when the hotel industry needs to work to stay above the clouds

    Rethink the World
    Air Travel
    How two new aircraft designs are spearheading a boom in global business travel productivity

    The Year Ahead is Phat!
    Data Management
    ​Get your data strategy ready because more changes – and opportunities – are coming in 2018

    More Q’s than A’s
    Buyers’ Think Tank
    ​New Distribution Capabilities are coming.  But what can travel managers expect from it

    Bots and Lots More
    ​The age of the robots is upon us at airports and hotels all over the world

  • December Premium Content

    December Premium Content

    What the Data?!
    Data Management
    ​The case studies in BTE’s most recent webinar can shine light on your Phat Data strategy

    Limos & More
    Ground Transportation
    ​Black car operators are diversifying their fleets to meet changing markets and changing demands

    Vanishing Plastic
    Corporate Cards and Payment Systems
    ​In a future that’s totally connected, it looks like the traditional corporate card may pull a disappearing act

    Flying the Connected Skies
    Industry Interview and Profile
    ​United Airline’s innovative IT puts travel managers and their travelers in control of the journey

    Top Travel Apps for 2017
    ​Smartphones are changing the ways we travel – the smarter the app, the better the experience. Marriott, Samsung and Legrand create IoT hotel room. Chrome River adds invoice automation. Maldives introduces high-tech IDs. Traxo Filter tool captures off-channel bookings. Groupize adds features, launches sports division.

    Whose App Is It?
    Buyer Think Tank
    ​Picking the right apps for a traveler’s mobile device can be a business decision – or an individual choice

  • November Premium Content

    November Premium Content

    Success Story
    Managing Travel Programs
    Measuring your program’s effectiveness is a balancing act – and the traveler is the tipping point

    Global by Design
    Today’s palette of properties and products for international hotel programs is broader than ever

    Collaboration Acceleration
    Ground Transportation
    Rental car companies rev up some unusual connections to deal with a  shifting transportation playing field

    Face Time with Ralph Kaiser
    Industry Interview
    UATP CEO Ralph Kaiser offers an in-depth look at this unique card provider and its benefits for corporate travel

    Small Meetings, Big Value
    Meeting And SMM
    Events that used to fly under the radar are taking center stage – and so are the tools to manage them

    Winning Strategy
    Data Management
    Data alone isn’t enough – to make it truly Phat, you need to create your own framework for action

    Progress vs Transformation
    The gateway to a different travel experience lies just ahead. Plus FAA seeks new laptop ban

    Metrics Systems
    Buyer Think Tank
    There’s more than one measure of program success, as our BTE Buyer Think Tank members reveal​

  • October Premium Content

    October Premium Content

    Taking on the World
    Travel Management Companies
    Teaming with the right TMC to create a truly global program starts with asking the right questions

    Meetings on a Roll
    Meeting Management-SMM
    Well-planned logistics and fleet management can make ground transportation an integral part of an event’s success

    Tooling Up
    Distribution-Booking Tools
    Leveraging hotel points programs to change traveler thinking can be a win-win

    Winning the Long Game
    The corporate housing market is on the move with enhanced technology and refined products

    The Future Is Phat
    Data Management
    The Phat Data concept resides in two worlds: The real world and a dream world that’s closer than you think

    World View
    Travel Buyers' Roundtable
    ​What makes a travel management company truly global?  It’s complicated. So Think Tank buyers explain.

    Sky Links
    Inflight WiFi may be coming of age – at last.  Concur unveils its Hipmunk service. Bizly platform welcomes all corporate customers. Addison Lee buys Tandem Technologies. Business travelers carry four devices, think AI and VR will enhance the journey. Groupize and Concur integrate. Alaska Air ramps up WiFi.

  • September Premium Content

    September Premium Content

    The World in the Palm of Your Hand
    Expense Management
    Today’s T&E tools make global travel expenses truly manageable

    Well Grounded
    Air Travel
    Business aviation is looking for more from airport services – and today’s FBOs are delivering

    Pathways to Policy
    Travel Management Companies
    Understanding today’s travel trends can help you carve out guidelines for your company’s program

    Activity Hub 
    Going Global
    Hongqiao is Shanghai’s fast growing center of business and transportation

    Homes Away from Home
    Data Management
    With the Phat Data in your hotel program, you can think outside the bed-in-a-box

    The Long and the Short of It
    Travel Management Companies
    When it comes to policy, how much is too much? Think Tank buyers offer different viewpoints.

    Artificial Intelligence Gets Real
    Smart machines are already at work among us. Global cybercrime reaches all-time high. IATA and A4A launch lost luggage initiative. Uber for Business gets a makeover. iJet acquires Prescient Traveler. American Airlines app adds baggage notification. Plus the 10 most charged cities in the US.


January 20, 2018

Wyndham Buys La Quinta

Mega-brand will purchase almost 900 franchised and managed hotels in mid-scale category

Names in the News 1-17-18

Appointments and promotions at Etihad Aviation Group, Festive Road, VisaHQ and Furnished Quarters