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When it comes to using smartphones and other connected devices, don’t let evil gain a foothold

The Apple iPhone celebrates its 10th birthday this year. While not exactly the first smartphone ever (some aficianados say the concept goes back almost a hundred years to – wait for it – Thomas Edison’s arch rival, Nikola Tesla), the Apple product quickly became the defining device in both form and function for mobility the age.

The value of these mobile, digital, very smart phones quickly became apparent to travelers, and particularly business travelers. It did not take long for the smartphone to find its way into every road warrior’s kit, a vital piece of equipment which opened up the world and connected the traveler not only with friends and family, but also with service providers – hotels, airlines and the like – and the workplace.

From this grew the concept of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), an increasingly popular business model that empowers individual employees to manage both life and work more efficiently. Meantime their employers don’t have to carry the expense of dedicated work-only devices. The outcome is more vital work-related information is being stored and accessed on personal mobile devices.

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