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Special Report, Managed Travel ROI

Rewarding Behavior

Leveraging hotel points programs to change traveler thinking can be a win-win for everyone

Mergers, technology and new business models are creating seismic shifts in the hotel business. And as we discover this month in Staying Loyal, (page 36) these changes are transforming hotel rewards and traveler affinities. For a travel buyer this may mean the time has come to look at ways to make the most of loyalty to benefit your company, your travelers and your program.

BTE Think Tank members Cheryl Benjamin, Travel Services Manager at Dart Container Corporation and Rosemary E Maloney, Senior Manager, Global Travel at Coach relate the possibilities – and the problems – that hotel loyalty presents for their programs.

Cheryl: Let’s face it, we all know that we have our favorite hotel chain where we prefer to stay. We are part of their reward programs and likely double dip on points with another credit card or airline program; our travelers aren’t any different.

We like what we like but I also acknowledge it can also cause grief for managed travel. So how do we make the most of these rewards within our travel programs? We may not want to but changes in the hotel industry require us to look for ways to make it work

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