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The science of predictive analytics promises to reshape the art of business travel

As travel buyers look for the latest technologies to either drive down costs or improve the traveler experience, the ability to utilize Phat Data is opening up new opportunities in predictive analytics. Most recently Phat Data has focused on the air category and the opportunities that are being presented to buyers who are looking to drive a little extra value out of their air program.

We have also talked about trip disruptions and how buyers along with their TMC partners can create a better experience when disruptions do occur. The travel industry may have found the best of both worlds.

A study funded by the FAA that was completed in 2007, reports that flight delays cost the US economy $31.2 billion. The direct cost to passengers – ­$16.7 billion, which means a huge hit to your corporation’s bottom line. Not only is it a direct cost of delays, it also contributes to traveler stress and unhappiness.

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