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Data & The Travel Manager’s ROI

Let Phat Data shine a spotlight on the value your program – and you – bring to your organization

Gathering information is relatively easy these days; analyzing it and making it meaningful is a different matter. Travel managers can slice and dice information and use it to manage their overall program, but what about data that supports the role of the travel buyer? The industry has seen an uptick in the buyer’s position being outsourced or taken over by procurement. So how can a buyer use Phat Data to create their own ROI?

We define Phat Data as being Cool, Hip and Relevant, so let’s ensure that travel buyers are viewed as cool, hip, and relevant too! Buyers have to start thinking more analytically and become more technically savvy. Phat Data can help tell the buyer’s story.

When a company embarks on a managed travel program, the ROI is pretty easy to determine. It makes sense to invest in an expert travel manager so they can leverage the spend, negotiate the discounts and deliver on program objectives. Over time, as programs mature and become operationally sound, the travel manager is still tasked with delivering on the program and sometimes, even asked to validate their existence to justify the bottom line.

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