The 2018 Industry Forecast from Advito, a travel consultancy, predicts a growing problem related to lack of hotel availability at preferred rates. According to the company, as hotels become more sophisticated in yield management techniques, business travelers are increasingly unable to find and book rooms at preferred rates. Advito research reveals that such rates were unavailable 24 percent of the time on a global basis for the most recent period measured, with the figure as high as 33 percent among European hotels. To address this challenge, said Bob Brindley, vice president and principal, Advito recommends that clients track rate availability and renegotiate where appropriate. In certain cases, clients may consider dropping a property from its program or shifting to a dynamic discount to improve savings. “Companies that tackle this issue most effectively,” said Brindley, “manage their activity with standard hotel rate audits, rate availability audits and hotel price assurance services.”