Passengers with battery-powered “smart” luggage must be able to remove the battery to bring the bag on an American Airlines flight beginning January 15. The airline said the policy was due to concerns about the hazards of placing lithium-ion battery power banks in the cargo hold. Delta Air Lines and Alaska Airlines have rolled out similar rules, while United Airlines and Southwest Airlines say they’re reviewing the issue. The battery-equipped smart bags have a wide range of features – including the ability to charge phones and GPS tracking. The carriers that have instituted the policy say they will require customers to remove batteries from any smart bag they check and pack the batteries in a carry-on, similar to the way passengers are asked to bring spare batteries for other electronics in the cabin where crew members can more easily identify an overheating device and quickly respond to a fire. Passengers can leave batteries installed in carry-on smart bags but must still be able to remove them in case they need to check the bag at the gate or on a later flight.