• August Premium Content

    August Premium Content

    Negotiation Curves
    Developments in technology and the marketplace are driving change in the annual hotel RFP ritual

    Smoother Air
    Air Travel
    Interlines, codeshares, JVs and alliances – what airlines are doing to make the going easier for fliers

    Ways to Survive Long Haul Economy
    Air Travel
    When your travelers go the distance at the back of the plane, they deserve some tips to ease the pain

    ‘Tis the Season
    The annual hotel RFP process is a pain point for nearly everyone. Think Tank buyers offer some solutions

    Worth the Ride
    Phat Data
    Phat Data can elevate your thinking about your ground transportation program to a whole new level

    Password Protected
    Tech Files
    For black hats your login is the key to your information kingdom. Delta launches biometric boarding. GroundLink unveils BRIO technology. Chrome River and Lyft roll out receipt system. Mezi debuts business platform. Emirates fields facial recognition at check-in. Business travelers want to go all-mobile.

  • July Premium Content

    July Premium Content

    Rules of Engagement
    Managing Travel Programs
    Elevating and empowering business travelers in a mobile world

    The Long Boom
    The right travel management partner checks all the technology boxes

    Tech in the TMC Equation
    Travel Management Companies
    Despite short term worries, the North America–Europe connection continues to evolve

    A Shared Vision
    A policy that allows on-demand services takes a bit of rethinking

    Pick & Pay
    Payment Systems
    The future is now for business travel payments technology

    Welcome to the Ride
    Industry Interview
    Lyft is a ride sharing company with a vision for business travel and the future of transportation

    Air Apparent
    Data Management
    The tools that are available today can turn your airline spend data into something Phat and powerful

  • June Premium Content

    June Premium Content

    Hailing Progress
    The ground transportation business is not what it used to be. Ride sharing has changed the playing field for everyone, including providers of black car, limos and taxi services.

    Soft Landings
    A wealth of independent hotels and soft brands await business travelers

    Atlantic Crossing
    Air Travel
    Despite short term worries, the North America–Europe connection continues to evolve

    Reporting from the Fast Lane
    Data Management
    Travel and expense solutions are consumer-based, easier to use – and ever more mobile

    Unplugged in a Plugged-in World
    Vacations and weekends – are you brave enough to stay disconnected?

    Data Insights: Social & Mobile
    Data Management
    Buyers, do you have your mobile strategy?  Remember – Phat Data comes from many sources

    Transformers of T&E
    Expense Management
    Integrating a new generation of expense reporting tools won’t be easy – but the results can be rewarding

  • May Premium Content

    May Premium Content

    The Smaller, The Better
    Duty of Care/Risk Management
    Getting a handle on ‘small’ meetings can make them more productive and less costly

    Asia’s Gateways Blossom
    Air Travel
    The world’s fastest-growing aviation market is driving major airport projects throughout the

    Going Long
    Extended stay is the place to be as a lodging category that continues to outperform

    Deciding Factors
    Managed Travel ROI
    When it comes to travel risk management, no one solution fits every situation. Choose

    Questions & Answers
    Introducing a new website, premiering a webinar series – exciting times at BTE, don’t you

    Data & Travel Policy
    Data Management
    Start policy conversations with the right questions – and Phat Data will reveal the answers

    Plan to be Prepared
    Duty of Care/Risk Management
    The risks your business travelers face are evolving. Your policy to protect them must too

    Welcome to the Future
    From robot receptionists to complimentary mobile phones, technology is the trend in

  • April Premium Content

    April Premium Content

    Photo Finish
    Expense Management
    Painless and lightning fast mobile tools can create picture perfect expense reports – and

    New & Nifty
    Data Management
    As travel buyers look for the latest technologies to either

    Rewarding Behavior
    Managed Travel ROI
    Leveraging hotel points programs to change traveler thinking can be a win-win

    Tracks of Progress
    Ground Transportation
    From San Francisco to Stockholm, serious initiatives are underway to reshape the

    The Future Is Now
    Industry Interview
    When asked to define the most important aspect of relating to business travel managers

    Staying Loyal
    “Welcome, guests, to the reinvented hotel loyalty program. Not only do we want


September 23, 2017

Location, Location, Location 9-20-17

Openings in Lucknow, India; Astana, Kazakhstan; Brighton, CO; Rayong, Thailand; Chicago; Appleton, WI; Denver and San Francisco

Names in the News 9-20-17

Promotions and appointments at Host Hotels, Hilton, Alaska Airlines, Carlson Rezidor, Swire Hotels, Meeting Professionals International, Dream Hotels and Langham Hotels

ACTE Teams with Cisco

Technology company will provide collaboration products for webinars and other communication